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Jeanne Martin Piano Studio
Studio Policies 2019-2020

38 Pearson Road, Merrimack, NH 03054
Link to Studio Parent/Student Portal: (login required)
Facebook Page: Jeanne Martin Piano Studio
Phone: 603-493-2961

Student and Family Responsibilities:
Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with their lesson books and music. To make good progress, daily quality practice is necessary. It is important to me that you understand your assignment. Please ask questions. If something is happening at home or school that is affecting your child, please let me know. Please err on the side of letting me know more so that I can be sensitive to the needs of your child.

30 minute weekly lessons: $34.00 per week
60 minute weekly lessons: $68.00 per week

Tuition for each month is due in advance two weeks before each new month begins. The amount per month can vary because some months might have three lessons, four lessons, or five lessons depending upon the number of days in the month, holidays, etc. I’ve listed the number of lessons in each month as well as the amount of tuition due each month on the 2019-2020 studio calendar. I also send out email invoices on the 15th of each month for the following month.

Please note that while monthly tuition is calculated by the week, lessons are offered on a monthly basis only. When a student enrolls in lessons, I am reserving that weekly time on my schedule exclusively for that student. All lessons during the month are to be paid for regardless of attendance.

Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card. Please make checks out to Jeanne Martin. There is a $15.00 penalty for returned checks.Tuition may also be paid online with a credit card through the link in the monthly emailed invoice, or online in the parent/student portal. Auto payment with a card on file can also be set up online in the parent/student portal for those who find this more convenient.

Late Fee:
Please add a $10 late fee to any payment made more than 10 days after the due date. Students who are late frequently (3 late charges) will be required to set up auto-payments in order to continue with lessons. If I encounter a problem with setting up auto-payments, then I reserve the right to end lessons.

What Tuition Covers:
Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but the time spent preparing for each student as well. This includes time spent developing an individualized plan for each student, recital preparation and repertoire planning, communication between lessons, the development and/or purchase of new teaching materials, and time spent researching new developments in piano pedagogy so that I can continue to bring the best to you.

When a Student Misses a Lesson:
Tuition is not reduced if a student needs to miss a lesson but students who need to miss a lesson are welcome to sign up for a makeup lesson. There is an online calendar at the parent/student portal. Students can cancel a scheduled lesson and sign up for a makeup lesson at any time. Regular lessons are in light blue. Openings for makeup lessons are in dark blue. It’s quick and easy. Please ask if you do not understand how to use the calendar. I’m also happy to help students schedule a makeup lesson in person at their next lesson. Makeup lessons must be scheduled either online through the calendar or in person at the lesson. The online calendar exists to give some grace and flexibility to parents and students who may need to miss a lesson now and then due to emergency, illness, and so forth.

Makeup lessons are only possible when there is an opening in my schedule or when there are cancellations. Because of this, I can’t guarantee that time will be available for a makeup lesson. All available times are listed on the online calendar. It is the responsibility of the parent or student to check the calendar for openings and to schedule all makeup lessons. It’s not necessary to make up a lesson the same week as the cancellation. Make it up when there is an opening that works for you.

Makeup credits have no cash value and any makeup lessons must be completed before a student’s final paid lesson. After a student’s final lesson, any remaining makeup credits expire and are forfeit. No makeup lessons will be given after a student’s final lesson.

Excessive Cancellations:
My studio is a community of parents and students. Having makeup lessons available is a benefit to the entire community of parents in my studio. Scheduling a makeup lesson that you don’t seriously intend to attend or just to “hold a spot” only to cancel it later hurts the entire parent and student community and is not an acceptable use of the makeup calendar system. Please do not sign up for any makeup time that you do not have a reasonable certainty of being able to attend. I reserve the right to impose limits on the number of makeup credits issued if I see more than an occasional cancellation of a makeup lesson. This is to ensure that the calendar is available to everyone to use, remains as flexible as possible, as fair to all families as possible, and to ensure more consistent attendance, which will lead to the best progress. Thank you for your cooperation.

Swap List:
Because there is limited availability for makeup lessons, a swap list is also available for those who are interested. If you would like to be on the swap list, you will be able to contact other students on a list and arrange to swap lesson times if you have a need to reschedule. I do respect my students’ privacy, so only students who wish to be on the swap list will be included. Please let me know if you would like to be on this list.

Swap List Rules:
I must be informed of the swap. The parent who arranges the swap must email me with the details of the swap and cc the person with whom they are making the swap. Should two students arrive at the same time, I will teach the one whose lesson is normally at that time.

Teacher Cancellations:
If I need to cancel a lesson, I will contact you and let you know. Any lesson that I cancel will be made up or a credit given.

Schedule Changes:
While all temporary rescheduling must be done using the online calendar or in person at your regular lesson, requests for a permanent time change should be directed to me. For example, if you want to change to a different day and time going forward, you should contact me.
Regarding these permanent lesson time changes, if I have an opening in my schedule that would work better for you, I’m happy to switch your permanent time. If two families have both expressed an interest in changing times and there is a possibility of the switch working out for both families, I will contact those families and try to arrange the permanent time change. I may also reach out to a family if I can see that their permanent time is causing any difficulties and if a switch might benefit both families.
Please keep in mind that lesson times and days are limited, and that I may or may not be able to accommodate a schedule change request, especially a request made with little notice. Families who request to change a permanent lesson time, especially with limited notice, may end up on my waiting list. Please plan accordingly.

Snow Days:
Lessons are not automatically cancelled if local schools close for a snow day. Schools generally cancel lessons based on the weather conditions during the early morning hours. The weather conditions are generally different in the afternoons and evenings when most lessons are given. If I decide to cancel lessons due to a serious snow storm or ice storm during teaching hours, I will contact you and let you know. If you do not hear from me, lessons will still be held according to schedule. If possible, lessons cancelled by me due to inclement weather will be rescheduled. If they cannot be rescheduled, you will not be charged for the cancelled lesson.

Summer Lessons:
The schedule is the same during the summer and all students are expected to continue lessons during the summer months. For students who take time off, I am unable to hold a particular lesson day and time unless tuition is paid during the time the student is absent. If the student opts not to pay tuition during an extended absence, I cannot guarantee that I will have a convenient lesson time or any lesson time available upon his or her return.
Regular weekly lessons and daily practice build a momentum in the learning process. Each week builds on the past week, providing feedback, encouragement, and new goals. Students who take the summer off lose this momentum, and progress becomes much slower as the student loses all the progress that could have happened during the summer and then needs to take additional time just to get back to where he or she was at the start of the summer. The discipline of daily practice that is so necessary to progress and to succeed is almost always lost in these cases. Ultimately this leads to a sense of discouragement for the student. Many students are unable to overcome this sense of discouragement, and they end up giving up. My goal is to help my students be the best that they can be. For these reasons, I highly discourage extended absences. Nevertheless, summer is a great time for piano lessons because school is out and schedules are generally more relaxed.

Annual Student Recital:
I host a student recital every year in June. While not mandatory, I highly recommend participation. Taking part in a recital gives students an opportunity to perform, to show what they have learned, and for parents to see the progress from year to year. I encourage everyone to take part.

Parents and students are welcome to call or email me with any questions or concerns. I prefer email, as I can usually return an email quicker than a phone call, but feel free to contact me either way if you have questions, concerns, or you would like to share something with me. Please note that I do not answer the phone during lessons.

Withdrawing from Lessons:
Please give notice at least 15 days prior to your final lesson. Prepaid tuition for lessons that are scheduled after I have been given at least 15 days notice will be refunded. Otherwise, there are no refunds. I ask for at least 15 days notice for two reasons. First, it's important to me to end lessons on a positive note. Second, it gives me time to fill that lesson time with another student.

New Student Referral Program:
For each new student you refer who pays for at least 4 lessons, you will get a referral credit of $34.00 off of your next tuition payment. That’s one 30 minute lesson for free!!! If you do refer someone, please let me know so I can give you the credit if your referral decides to enroll in lessons.

Please park in the driveway, not on Pearson Road

Waiting Room:
Parents are welcome to attend lessons. Parents of students under six years of age are required to attend all lessons. If not attending the lesson, parents and siblings may use the waiting area. All children using the waiting room must be supervised by a parent. The digital keyboard in the waiting room may be used for practice or for warming up while waiting for a lesson.